UGH so much anxiety over such a dumb thing

24 days left til I get to be a lucky girl and see my boyfrienddddd

I didn’t like my name until you said it.

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Found flowers on the walk home

all healed up #ufo by @johnnytugboat @yellowrosetattooclub (at Echo Base) @soy-fucker where u at)

Visited the house where Psycho was filmed when I was younger. Found this today in one of our photo albums.

Really cool floor installation at Sydney mca yesterday, it was done with strips of coloured tape

How to Check If Your Site Is Safe from ‘Heartbleed’

This post follows one a few hours ago about the Heartbleed security failure, and for safety’s sake it repeats information I have added to that post as an update.
Read more. [Image: Heartbleed test site]

but i’m coping really well with things 


these next 25 days should fly by so i can see my ellie :)